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The Beltane Queen

The first Beltane Queen honour was given to Margaret Muir. She was crowned at the Mercat Cross located at the junction of the High Street, North Gate and East Gate. The ceremony proved so successful that it was accepted that it could not be held at the first choice and had to be moved. The church steps of the Parish Church at the end of the High Street was chosen. This meant that the crowning ceremony would take place at an elevated position allowing all to view the Queen’s crowning ceremony.

The Beltane Queen  is dressed in robes presented by the Royal Burgh of Peebles Callants' Club  in 1988, (to replace earlier robes gifted in 1926 by Peebles’  exiles in New Zealand).  The Queen is crowned on a Coronation Chair which came from South Africa in 1922.  The Crown was gifted in 1921  by exiled Peebleans, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Daniels, Singapore, who subsequently gifted the Sceptre in 1926 to complement the Crown and new  robes.  The new robes and Sceptre were first used by Beltane Queen Mary Thomson in 1926. The Sceptre is unique in that the head is a model  of  the Parish Church Steeple.

During both the First and Second World Wars the Beltane ceremonies were scaled down. For instance in 1915 it was held in Whitestone Park and in 1940 the Beltane Queen, Miss Sheila Murray (Crowning Lady 1990) was crowned in the playground of Kingsland School. In 1945 the Beltane Queen, Edna Murray, was crowned in the cricket pavilion in Whitestone Park. This was the last time the Beltane Queen would be crowned away from the Parish Church steps.

Only twice has the Beltane Festival seen a mother and daughter given the honour of Beltane Queen. Sarah McGrath (1988) followed in her mother’s footsteps, Sandra McKenzie (1962). Then in 2007 Kerry Woods was Beltane Queen, the honour previously given to her mother Margaret Frame (1969).

The honour for sisters to share in the selection of Beltane Queen has happened on 7 occasions, 1900 and 1905, 1904 and 1909, 1906 and 1908, 1934 and 1936, 1952 and 1954, 1955 and 1957, and 1991 and 1994.

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Rianna Sterricks from Kingsland Primary School, is the 2013 Beltane Queen and she can confidently say she has truly been involved with the festival all her life. At just six-months-old she was part of the fancy dress parade and has been involved in the Beltane ever since.

After her name was read out by Kingsland, Head Teacher Mrs Wilson. Rianna said: "I have lived in Peebles all my life and I was really shocked when my name was read out. We were getting to the end of the list of names and I was so nervous. It was such an amazing feeling when I was announced it is a moment that will live with me forever."

The Drill Hall atmosphere was amass with excitement as children from the three primary schools gathered just after 2pm on Wednesday for the annual announcement of the Beltane Queen and Court. Mrs Wilson had praise for each and every one of the pupils, reminding them that they were all special and that it was an incredibly difficult task to make decisions on who should be chosen to fulfil each role. Each pupil's time would come when they would represent Peebles in their own special way, and regardless what primary school they went to they should support and encourage their peers. Wise words indeed.

Following her announcement the traditional carriage pull through the town was taken on by Cornet Elect Cameron and his supporters finally resting at Tweed Green where the delighted youngsters were given ice cream.

Picture of Rianna supplied and reproduced with the kind permission of Emma Scott Photography.

The Beltane Queen and Court 2013



Beltane Queen - Rianna Sterricks - Kingsland
Chief Maid - Abbie Gilmour - Priorsford
First Courtier - Ross Aiken - Priorsford
2nd Courtier - Lewis Jardine - Kingsland
2nd Maid - Lilly Carvalho - Kingsland
3rd Maid - Abbey Scrimger - Priorsford
4th Maid - Anna Taylor - Halyrude
5th Maid - Darcy Hamilton -Priorsford
6th Maid - Lorna Welsh - Kingsland
Sword Bearer - Euan Hood - Priorsford
Crown Bearer - Dylan Murray - Priorsford
Standard Bearer - Freddie Watts - Kingsland
Sceptre Bearer - Jules Carrie - Halyrude
Casket Bearer - Finlay Collns - Kingsland
Admiral - Lewis Fraser - Kingsland
First Herald - Lewis Copeland - Kingsland
2nd Herald - Ross Young - Priorsford
Royal Herald - Paddy Hughes - Halyrude
Queens Highlander - Aaron Smith - Priorsford
Telegram Boy - Jamie Lawson - Kingsland

Immediate Entourage: Lucy Norris, Hannah Paulin, Abbie Turner, Emily Wright - Priorsford Rachel Isherwood, Caragh Shanks, Annabel Blackwood - Kingsland

Queens Pages - David Cathcart, Logan Thorburn, Ciaran Pearson, Daniel Askew, Frey Maciver, Sam Bryson

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